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To always achieve the best, most beautiful, and sustainable solutions, innovation and product development are essential in our specialized field. 

In close collaboration with customers, knowledge organizations, and suppliers from both the Netherlands and abroad, our innovation lab develops new products and applications.

The most realistic practical tests

Our innovation lab has excellent testing equipment and production facilities available, such as powder coating and wet paint installations, muffle furnaces, and injection molding equipment. 

With these facilities and our knowledge of the customer's production processes, we develop, improve, and test products in a realistically simulated production environment. 

Speed through in-house testing

As a customer, you will therefore have better products more quickly, without the extensive testing work around prototypes. 

We use the most common testing methods from the relevant industry, potentially supplemented with testing methods that we find desirable. 

Global network of suppliers

To ensure quality and short delivery times, Posterama works with European suppliers for its most important products. In addition, Posterama has built an extensive, global network of suppliers for certain "specials". 

They supply specific products and can adapt them to our specifications if necessary. This approach offers both guaranteed delivery and great opportunities for product development and process improvement. 

Top experts

Posterama has a rich diversity of expertise in its field of work. This is especially due to the various areas of application for our products. 

However, if necessary, we engage experts in sub-fields. We have a wide network of specialists, both experienced practical experts and experienced R&D specialists at an academic level. Think of chemists, materials scientists, and electrical engineers. 


Quality Assurance

We stand for high quality. To ensure that, we have a production environment with a sophisticated climate control system. 

This keeps the temperature and humidity very constant and makes materials easier to process and less susceptible to, for example, stretch, shrink, and statistical loading. 

To ensure our quality, we also regularly test our products, processes, and purchased materials.

Contact & information

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