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Customized training

No matter how beautiful our transfer or label is, the final result depends on how it is processed on the end product. That's why Posterama provides custom, client-specific training on request: at Posterama, on-site at the customer's location, or at our Competence Center at The Sppot in Bulgaria. 


Customer specific

These trainings are often given when a new type of transfer is introduced to the customer. We also help customers raise the knowledge of their entire application team to a higher level. 

We provide company specific training and also offer workshops to minimize rejection rates. 

Instruction videos

In addition to training, our customers also have access to a library of instructional videos that clearly explain how to attach the different products. These videos have English subtitles. 

Contact & information

Do you have a question about one of our products or techniques? Or would you like to receive a quote?
Please feel free to contact us.