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Because most of the products produced by Posterama are semi-finished products and are part of the customer's end product, continuity in quality and delivery is very important. 

Therefore, our entire business policy is based on this. There is a backup for each machine or employee and we continuously test the quality of our products. 


Thanks to an extensive quality assurance system, Posterama rarely receives quality complaints. Less than 1% of deliveries are criticized or commented upon. 

Rapid remedial action 

In the cases where there is a justified complaint, Posterama can ensure that production can continue quickly and without significant delay. 

100% customer satisfaction

Posterama guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. This means that we always: 

  • produce in the same way;
  • provide tested and proven working products;
  • make instructions available for processing;
  • if necessary, provide expert advice and support;
  • if necessary, on-site in the country or abroad;
  • provide a suitable solution if a product does not meet your requirements upon
    closer inspection.


Posterama often works for different companies in the same market. Therefore, we always handle customer-specific knowledge and products developed for them with great care. 

Posterama has a policy that places integrity and confidentiality first. Services/Sustainability

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